Clinical Practice Skills (Expert Skills for Clinicians)

About Course

Clear the Basic Concepts Desired for Clinical Skills and Link them to the Professional Clinician Skills in the Daily Clinical Practices.

It covers ECG & X-ray Interpretations along with Rational Medicine Practices Skills using Popular Drug Reference Databases like Lexicomp and Micromedex etc.

Offered by a Team of Doctors and Pharmacists.

What Will You Learn?

  • You will be able to precisely Diagnose Medical Conditions
  • To Rationalize Prescriptions
  • Effectively Perform Pharmacist Interventional "Patient Care Process"
  • Personalized Therapy with Patient-Specific Tailored Therapeutics
  • Certificate on Course Completion

Course Content

Concepts in Clinical Practices

Patients Diagnosis Protocols

Basic Labs Interpretations

ECG and X-Ray Interpretation

IMP of Patient Care Process in the Disease Management


Prescription Rationalization & Drug References Databases

Final Quiz & Certificate Awarding

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